iTerm2 tips, Episode 2: Delete words and line in iTerm2

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tl;dr: This is a short practical post on how to delete words and line in iTerm2.

Look at the previous article on how to find the key mappings settings.

Delete a word 🔗

From the Key Mappings page, go back to General, then on the Left Option Key, check the Esc+ checkbox.

This will allow you to delete the previous word by hitting ⌥ ⌫.

Delete a word in iTerm2

Delete the whole line 🔗

In the key mappings section, click on the + button like shown below, and set the following:

  • Keyboard Shortcut: Keep ⌘ ⌫
  • Action: Send Hex Code
  • Esc+: 0x15

Click on OK. You can delete the line with ⌘ ⌫

Delete line in iTerm2